A couple of notes on this recipe:

The amounts for the marinade in the recipe are approximations, as my husband was the creator of this part, and he does that kind of stuff by feel. You can see what it tastes like and adjust as you’d like.

I put the potatoes and beans with pesto on top of arugula, which we felt didn’t quite fit, so in the future will probably either sauté it briefly, or at the very least, toss the arugula with the pesto as well.  The recipe below has you sauté the arugula.

Salad Ingredients

Tuna Niçoise with Fava Bean Pesto
serves 4

1+1/2 Tbsp lemon juice
2 Tbsp olive oil
2 tsp dried rosemary leaves
1/4 tsp white pepper
salt to taste

16 oz maguro (bluefin) or ahi (yellowfin) tuna
1 lb new potatoes, chopped in even bite-sized pieces
1 pt string beans
4-5 Tbsp fava bean pesto, at room temperature
1 large bag of arugula
1 tsp olive oil

You’ll want to coordinate things so that the potatoes, beans, and tuna are done at about the same time.  It’s easiest to do this dish with 2 people – one to handle the grill and one to handle the potatoes and beans.  Timing is going to depend on your method of parboiling and steaming, and how done you like your tuna, but here is the sequence we used:

Mix the ingredients for the marinade, and then marinate the tuna for about 20 minutes, turning it over at 10 minutes. After you turn the tuna, preheat the grill, and then a couple minutes later, start parboiling the potatoes, either in a pot of boiling water on the stovetop or in a glass bowl of water in the microwave until they are tender (about 12 minutes in the microwave).   Preheat olive oil in a saute pan over medium heat.  When the potatoes have about 3-5 minutes left, sear the tuna on a hot grill – about 2-3 minutes a side, depending on the size and thickness of the tuna.  (And grill it longer if you don’t like your tuna rare or medium rare).   While the tuna is grilling, steam the green beans (about 3 minutes in our steamer in the microwave), and sauté the arugula in the olive oil for about 2-3 minutes until wilted.

Make a bed of the arugula in 4 bowls.  Toss the potatoes, green beans, and pesto separately, then put on top of the arugula.  Slice the tuna into several pieces per salad, and place on top.

Tuna Niçoise with Fava Bean Pesto


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