1047 Pearl Street
Dinner – Friday, July 22, 2011

Had a great dinner (as usual) at Salt.  We originally intended to try to get into The Kitchen, but  their wait was over an hour.  Fortunately we managed to get into Salt just at the right time (as it seemed to be full the bulk of the time we were there).  Salt is one of the restaurants in Boulder that promotes the Farm-to-Table concept, featuring produce from local farms.  Everything is attractive, bright, and fresh.  The restaurant itself is beautifully decorated, and has a great, warm feel.

We started off with a couple of nice salads:

Cucumber Salad - pickled onion, local chevre, almonds, local dill, sherry vinaigrette

Roasted Beet Salad - agave champagne marinated beets, shaved golden beets, hazelnut, gorgonzola, pomegranate vinaigrette

Then we had a small plate, which they were nice enough to split for us:

Give Peas a Chance - sweet pea ravioli, local fava beans, roasted Oxford carrot, Hazel Dell shiitake mushroom, lemon butter

And then a large plate, again split for us:

Pan Seared Monkfish Colorado black quinoa, slow roasted local carrots, orange, local basil, sweet pea citrus coulis

Sadly, I was so focused on digging into the hazelnut chocolate cake with Earl Grey tea ice cream and crushed hazelnuts for dessert, that I neglected to get a picture.

Non-Artist's Rendition of Cake


2 Responses to “Salt – Boulder”

  1. Chelsey Roos Says:

    The cake made me laugh.

  2. colosher Says:

    Love the cake! :)

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