I’m a software test engineer living in Boulder, CO, who loves cooking, dining out, and trying new things. I’m especially into healthy, local, fresh food. My husband and I love finding new restaurants in Boulder/Denver, as well as on vacation. We also participate in some local dining group activities, which are really fun.

Unless I’m particularly busy, my goal is to try a new recipe every week. I’ve started coming up with my own recipes as well, which is something I really didn’t think I had the talent for! I often find several recipes online just to get some inspiration on ingredient and spice combinations, and go from there. It’s been quite fun as well as educational. I’ve also been trying to expand my knowledge in regards to cooking by taking classes, and reading food books.

I tend to make most of my food at home fairly low-fat, to help maintain a healthy weight. But low-fat can be far from low-taste! I don’t really care for bland food.  In my view, it’s all about choosing what fats you use and where, and getting as much flavor as you can out of fresh ingredients and spices.  I also cook a lot of vegetarian entrées (which also don’t need to be boring – even for meat eaters!), but have been adding more chicken, turkey, and fish lately, with the occasional red meat.

During the summer I try to get as much of the week’s produce at the Boulder Farmers’ Market as possible.  I love how many vendors there are, the great quality of the produce and prepared foods, and how well attended it is!

I hope you enjoy my blog as much as I enjoy sharing it.

– boulderfoodie

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