Body Fat Lost Contest – the Quite Embarrassing Start at Square One

May 21, 2013

Monday was our initial hydrostatic weigh-in for the three-month body fat loss contest at my company. I was in no way expecting my percentage body fat to be anywhere near the 19.8% it was a couple of years after I graduated from college. And as I stated in my previous post, I was even expecting to possibly measure in the obese category, despite my BMI being in the healthy range. But after seeing my result and its firm placement between ‘unhealthy’ and ‘very unhealthy’, I was a little more disappointed than I thought I would be. I thought about whether or not I wanted to share the details, but then I thought, hey, go all-in and that way it’ll give you even more motivation. So. The bottom line details:

height: 5′ 3+3/4″
weight: 140 lbs
lean body mass: 92.9 lbs
fat body mass: 47.1 lbs
percentage body fat: 33.7%

Yikes. Well, alright then. IT’S ON! I’m not sure how much of a chance I have in the contest, but it will be nice to have support and motivation at work, and you never know! But more importantly, I have my own goals. In order to keep my body mass up for bone density reasons, I really don’t want to go below 132. So the ideal is to build muscle to trade out with fat in addition to that 8 lbs.

Bottom Line Goal:
weight: 134 lbs
lean body mass: 94.9 lbs
fat body mass: 39.1
percentage body fat: 29.2%

Desired Goal:
height: 5’7″ (if only)
weight: 132 lbs
lean body mass: 97.4 lbs
fat body mass: 34.6 lbs
percentage body fat: 26.2%

My desired goal would get me pretty close to the upper level for ‘fitness’ (vs. ‘average’) of 24%, so I’d just have a bit more muscle gain in the fall. Then of course comes a maintenance plan, but I’ll deal with that in a few months.

So there it is – all out in the open. Posts on my diet and exercise to follow.

2 Responses to “Body Fat Lost Contest – the Quite Embarrassing Start at Square One”

  1. How brave of you to share … I’m inspired and proud of you! You can totally do it!

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