Real Food Week – Midweek Update

January 31, 2013

Monday was the start of my ‘only real food’ week. In some ways it’s been more difficult than I envisioned it would be, and in some ways easier. Aside from making my own vegetable stock and making regular brown rice (vs. quick cooking rice), not too much has changed regarding what I’ve made for dinners this week. But it was really difficult to find some of my breakfast and lunch items. Cereal was obviously out with the no-more-than-five-ingredients rule for packaged goods, so I made my own granola. Yogurt was insanely difficult to find (well, obviously not THAT difficult since I found some at the first store I tried). I looked at six or seven brands, and it wasn’t until I got to the Icelandic style Siggi yogurt that I found one without sugar or artificial sweeteners. They use a small amount of agave, and although it is processed, I decided it would be acceptable. (Today I discovered that the Yoskos honey yogurt I left in the fridge at work last week only has milk and honey – so that’s a go, too.) I wanted to try to avoid the high-calorie dried fruit that I usually take, so I’ve been trying to substitute whole fruits like grapes or sliced mango. Instead of the protein-fortified low-calorie bagel and olive tapenade that I usually eat for lunch, I’ve been taking brown rice with heirloom beans or chicken. And I’ve eaten a lot of my homemade whole wheat potato bread and whole wheat crackers. The only item that really carried over from my usual routine is pistachios.

Yesterday night I decided that I hadn’t really bought enough acceptable food, so I went to the store to get some emergency supplies.

Week of Real Food - Midweek Emergency Purchases

Week of Real Food – Midweek Emergency Purchases

I got some tuna, some more fruit (and dried figs just in case), some kale for salads, and figured I’ve never tried coconut water, so I found one of the only kinds with nothing added. Another thing I purchased was some raw ‘cookies’ and ‘chips’ made by Go Raw. I opened up the packages of cookies and chips when I got home and thought, ‘Huh. Hamster snacks.’ I tried a couple of the carrot cake super cookies (organic coconut, sprouted sesame seeds, carrots, dates, and nutmeg – nothing else), and was just about to make the decision that they would never become a staple in my diet, but then I ate a few more, and all of a sudden it was like they were the best things I had ever eaten. I’m not completely sure if it was because this was day three of only eating real food, or if they really are that great, but I’m definitely going to buy more to figure it out.

Hmmm...An Apple, Go Raw Carrot Cake Super Cookies and Spirulina Super Chips

Hmmm…An Apple, Go Raw Carrot Cake Super Cookies and Spirulina Super Chips

Once I finish out the week, I’ll post more about how it went, including pictures of my dinners. More than halfway there – and I haven’t even needed to go for the chocolate that I added to my rule exceptions just in case!

Feel free to comment!

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