Horseradish Mustard Mashed Potatoes made with Albert Bartlett Rooster Potatoes

December 27, 2012

In November I was given some samples of Albert Bartlett Rooster Potatoes – a potato from Scotland making its debut on some Colorado farms this year. (When I was first contacted, I thought of CU’s beloved physics Professor Emeritus (and my TA one lucky year after he retired) Al Bartlett, and was surprised to hear he grew potatoes as well! But different Bartlett).

Albert Bartlett Rooster Potatoes (slightly wrinkled and with eyes through no fault of their own!)

Albert Bartlett Rooster Potatoes (slightly wrinkled and with eyes through no fault of their own!)

The potatoes are being grown in the United States for the first time ever this year, and are available only in Colorado and Georgia Walmarts, as well as some restaurants. (I do not personally shop at Walmart, but for those who do, you definitely should give these a try). They plan to expand production next year to more states. (And Costo has them in Britain, perhaps they will get them here in the coming years??)

I was delighted to see the information on the packaging which told me that they had been grown by Cary Hoffman and Team with Mountain King Potatoes in Monte Vista, CO and packed on November 7th. That’s the kind of local food trail that I love to see.

Albert Bartlett Rooster potatoes are reddish on the outside and yellow in the inside. They have a nice, rich flavor. We tried using them the way that we normally use fingerling potatoes or new potatoes, and they are different enough that we had some trouble with them sticking to the pan since we don’t use much oil. So I think that these are at their best when boiled, or with more oil used for roasting than we use.

It took me quite a while to get around to using them for a formal blog post with the busy holidays, but when I finally did, I was absolutely thrilled with the results. Because of their rich taste, I thought they would be great mashed with some butter. I personally like mashed potatoes with the skin included, so planned to do these ‘rustic’ style. On a whim, I decided I’d add some horseradish and see how that would work (after all wasabi mashed potatoes are a thing). Our horseradish was quite aged and didn’t taste right at all, but we happened to have some Annie’s horseradish mustard, so I gave that a taste, and deemed it to be appropriate to use. I added some buttermilk too, and OH, MY! They were absolutely FANTASTIC!

Horseradish Mustard Mashed Potatoes
makes about 4 cups

1+1/4 lbs potatoes
1+1/2 Tbsp butter
3 Tbsp horseradish mustard **
3-4 Tbsp lowfat buttermilk
1/2 to 1 tsp salt

*Albert Bartlett Rooster potatoes work great, otherwise use new potatoes
** The Annie’s horseradish mustard I used appears to have mustard as the main ingredient, so if you are going to use separate horseradish and mustard, mix the two together first, and be VERY conservative with the horseradish to start with.

Cut potatoes into 1 inch cubes and boil until tender (either on the stovetop or in the microwave). Mash by hand to get the big pieces broken up. Add the butter, horseradish mustard, buttermilk and salt, and continue mashing until all the ingredients are well mixed.

Horseradish Mustard Mashed Potatoes

Horseradish Mustard Mashed Potatoes


2 Responses to “Horseradish Mustard Mashed Potatoes made with Albert Bartlett Rooster Potatoes”

  1. pattyabr Says:

    what a lovely potato I will have to look for them. do you think they are at Whole Foods in Colorado?

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