A Veritable Bonanza from the Boulder Farmers’ Market

April 15, 2012

I went to the Boulder Farmers’ Market yesterday, and couldn’t believe the variety of produce available this early in the year! Last week (opening day), the choices were pretty limited, but this week I came home with 10 different vegetable items. I was delighted to see green garlic showing up, having gotten completely hooked on green garlic and garlic scapes last year. They both have a bright, green garlic taste that makes a perfect addition to lighter spring dishes. I also picked up some arugula, spinach, basil, apple mint, potatoes, hot-house tomatoes, shiitake mushrooms, mini-English cucumbers, and green onions.

4/14/12 Boulder Farmers' Market purchases

4/14/12 Boulder Farmers' Market purchases

And this time I made it there early enough to get a 6-pack of Street Fare mini-cupcakes. Pictured below are two each of their lemon lavender, chocolate mint, and red velvet cupcakes – all of which were wonderful tasting. Unfortunately I got there too late for the chocolate salted caramel ones. I pay in cupcakes for sleeping in late on Saturdays.

Street Fare Mini-Cupcakes

Street Fare Mini-Cupcakes


2 Responses to “A Veritable Bonanza from the Boulder Farmers’ Market”

  1. chefconnie Says:

    Wow. Tomatoes and cucumber…were they hydroponic? I have to get to the farmers market next week. I was catering again this week! I will definately try those cup cakes.

    • The tomatoes and cucumber were from 2R’s. I think I heard him telling someone last year that they do a lot of hothouse stuff so they have crops early.
      The Street Fare cupcakes are a must – and such a cool program, too!

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