Foodie Spring Fever

March 1, 2012

There are roughly five weeks until the Boulder Farmers’ Market opens for the 2012 season. It sounds so far away. After the fall season was over, I was initially looking forward to making warm soups and stews, experimenting with different grains and beans, and using the oven without feeling like I’m overheating. But I’ve gotten to the point where I’m getting sick of winter produce. (Which, in Colorado, pretty much means whatever stores well enough to last a long time, greenhouse items, or produce shipped from warmer climates (aka – far away)).

Since vegetables are such an important part of my diet, the dearth of them during the winter months is quite apparent. It’s only been about fourteen weeks since the market closed, but I’m already craving something fresh, green, and local. And to be honest, it’s really wreaking havoc with my cooking inspiration. I get bored when I recognize every item in the produce department’s vegetable section. I have fun picking up things I’ve never heard of at the farmers’ market, and then researching just what it is I’ve brought home after the fact. 

My garlic supply from the 2011 market was gone weeks ago, and now that I’m buying the standard stuff, I really notice the difference between the boring, shippable kind and the wonderfully strong, pungent varieties the local farmers offer during market season. I’ve found some tomatoes at the grocery store that are actually not too bad compared to normal winter tomatoes (Campari is what you want to look for), but it’s just not the same. Sure they taste more like tomatoes, but they don’t taste like Tomatoes. So I’m not proud of laming out on this post – it reminds me of those annoying clip shows they do in later seasons of sitcoms where they do nothing but piece together scenes from old episodes and re-use them so they can say they produced a new episode, with much, much lower cost. But I went back and looked at the pictures of the produce I bought at the market last year, and they were sooo pretty. So I’m reposting them – perhaps they’ll cheer up other people who are impatiently waiting until the market opens again, the way I am! (To be honest, I didn’t start going last year until a bit later in the season, but still – I’ll take any kind of sprouts at this point). Soon, my fellow locavores, soon…

Boulder Farmers' Market

Boulder Farmers' Market

Boulder Farmers' Market

Boulder Farmers' Market

Boulder Farmers' Market

Boulder Farmers' Market


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