Summer’s Last Hurrah

September 2, 2011

Okay, I know that technically summer doesn’t end until September 23rd (23rd?  good thing I looked it up, since my whole life I’ve assumed that all new seasons started on the 21st or 22nd).  But despite the fact that I have been out of school for many, many years (darn it!), to me summer still ends with Labor Day Weekend.  It was always the last big neighborhood get together when I was in in elementary school, the last weekend before classes really got serious in college, and is still the last major barbeque of the year.  But fortunately, fall is a great time for produce, so it doesn’t mean the end of local vegetables and fruit in the least.  I definitely look forward to the stuff that will start showing up at the Farmers’ Market during the fall months.

I’m going to be taking a 5-6 day hiatus from my blog during the weekend and early next week, but I’m quite certain that I will have some great things to post about when I resume. And, I look forward to all of the wonderful food that fall brings (I always start thinking about pumpkin pie spices and warm stews when I think of fall. Yummm…)


3 Responses to “Summer’s Last Hurrah”

  1. myFudo Says:

    Enjoy yourself, hope you get back soon :) can’t wait to read your next post.
    Feel free to visit my site, am giving away a free designer’s lunch bag :)

  2. Enjoy yourself! We look forward to future posts! =]

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